MV Data Tool – Document, Track, & Report

MV Data Tool

The MV Data Tool is designed for use by LEA Homeless Liaisons or other approved district users to document pertinent information on students experiencing homelessness and unaccompanied homeless youth. Basic demographic, services provided, referrals, funds expended, barriers encountered and case notes that help document and track services by student, are included in this system.

Reports can be generated from the system for state, federal and local reporting efforts. Secure access is based on a hierarchy of permissions. Integration with district SIS is in production and will be available in the coming year.
Women using the MV Data Tool at a computer

What is the MV Data Tool?

Watch this 3 minute video to familiarize yourself with the features of our Data Tool.

Empower and Elevate Your Homeless Student Support

Introducing the MV Data Tool, a powerful solution designed for LEA Homeless Liaisons and approved district users to enhance support for homeless students and unaccompanied homeless youth. With its comprehensive data documentation, effortless reporting, robust security, and future-ready integration, it’s your key to efficient and effective student support.

Complete Customization

With the MV Data Tool, you have the power to achieve complete customization, tailoring the data stored to the unique needs of your district, ensuring the most efficient and effective student support possible. This level of flexibility is a key feature that sets our tool apart, empowering you to make it work seamlessly for your specific requirements.

Efficient Data Management

Simplify the process of documenting essential information on homeless students with the MV Data Tool, ensuring that LEA Homeless Liaisons and approved district users can easily track basic demographics, services, referrals, expenditures, barriers, and case notes for better service management.

Secure Data Handling

Rest easy with secure access permissions based on a hierarchical system, safeguarding sensitive student information and ensuring data integrity.

Future-Ready Integration

Stay ahead with upcoming integration capabilities, as the MV Data Tool is set to integrate seamlessly with your district’s Student Information System in the near future, enhancing data accuracy and accessibility.

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