You Can Master The McKinney- Vento Act

Expert McKinney-Vento Training, Resources & Data Tools

Our training, resources, and data tools have proven to increase district capacity, improve identification rates up to 2x, and better support eligible students for over 200,000 liaisons and district staff across the country.
Interactive deep-dive courses for extended learning options
Scenario and action-based learning opportunities
Learn to recognize the signs of potential homelessness
Courses and training available in English and Spanish

We provide in-depth training on the McKinney-Vento Act and best practice strategies.

How We Help

Seamlessly document, monitor, and report on students facing homelessness with our integrated system, equipping your staff with the necessary tools to accurately identify and provide support effectively.

McKinney-Vento Act Training

We’re here to boost your expertise with our comprehensive training. It’s the ultimate solution for equipping your school district staff with the skills to recognize and support students facing homelessness.

MV Data Tool

We’re on a mission to empower you with adaptable resources and tools designed for immediate application, ensuring you have the support you need to offer exceptional assistance to students experiencing homelessness.

Empowering Your Team With High-Value Training and Tools

Time-Saving Solutions for Your Team

Discover our comprehensive McKinney-Vento training program—a time-saving solution designed for LEA Homeless Liaisons and school staff. Our program streamlines your efforts and equips your team with the essential skills needed to effectively identify and support students experiencing homelessness.

Unwavering Legal Compliance

Ensure uncompromising compliance with McKinney-Vento Act by leveraging our in-depth training and our customizable data tool. Our program makes generating secure reports for state, federal, and local requirements simple.
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Enhance Personalized Care for Vulnerable Students

Elevate your ability to deliver personalized care to students experiencing homelessness through our program’s comprehensive training and resources. We empower your team to address the unique needs of each student, fostering a more supportive and inclusive educational environment.

Raise Awareness in the Community

Promote widespread awareness of students in the homeless community with the help of our training and tools. By increasing understanding and empathy, you can work towards a more compassionate and informed society.
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One-of-a-Kind Data Reporting

Access our unparalleled data analysis tool that provides you with insights and reporting capabilities. This feature enables you to gather, analyze, and report data effectively, allowing you to make informed decisions and track the progress of your McKinney-Vento program.

Empowering Liaisons, Supporting Families, and Changing Lives

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Staff & Liaisons Trained
In response to Michigan’s need for scalable McKinney-Vento Liaison training, McKinney-Vento.org was initially established. We have since evolved to become a leading nationwide homeless training provider, while also collaborating with Covenant House to support youth experiencing homelessness by offering employment, benefits, and job skills training.

Today, McKinney-Vento.org is proud to have trained over 200,000 staff members and liaisons in 38 states, offering a wide range of resources, including data collection, to empower liaisons and support families in transition. We’re just getting started!

Schools Districts Making a Difference

Program Satisfaction
of enrollees recommended MV training and tools.
The biggest piece, in my opinion, is that it has addressed the capacity issue for Liaisons. Many LEAs’ Admin staff who were doing MV finally realized they can’t do the Liaison’s job without these tools!
I love the excellent resource library, the live chat, and the data tool found on McKinney-Vento Learning. I had to review procedures for several new liaisons this month in Louisiana. I continue to share with them to view the website through another lens – it is more than the website to take McKinney-Vento Learning classes; it has many tools and resources that assist homeless liaisons in providing opportunities for success to students experiencing homelessness.
As a grant coordinator, I am getting fewer basic questions from liaisons because the course has given them the basic knowledge needed to answer simple questions and is leading them to deeper thinking and deeper questions.
We have more LEAs reporting homeless students than ever before! Many LEAs that already did report homeless students are reporting an increase this year. NM Data Reporting (after only 6 months using the program); 10% more LEAs reporting, which has resulted in 137 more students identified after taking Liaison Credentialing online course.

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