About Us – Making An Impact

One mission to make an impact

At McKinney-Vento.org, our mission is clear: to provide comprehensive homeless training, raise awareness about the challenges faced by students facing homelessness, and empower liaisons across the country to better support families in transition. We believe that through education and support, we can make a significant difference in the lives of those confronting homelessness.
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Staff & Liaisons Trained

From One-Time to Nationwide

In 2014, the State of Michigan expressed a need to provide training to it’s McKinney-Vento Liaisons that was scaleable, easy to implement, and effective. The initial team that would eventually become McKinney-Vento.org, partnered with the State Coordinator and several Regional Coordinators to create this training.

Initially, it was thought to be a one-time project to support the state of Michigan.
The success of this initiative contributed to the State Coordinator’s award win and led to the team’s invitation to the NAEHCY Conference. Interest from other states soon followed, highlighting a national need for such support. Consequently, McKinney-Vento.org was established to provide comprehensive training and resources for Liaisons across the U.S. Our organization now serves over 200,000 Liaisons and District staff in 38 states with training, data services, a resource library, and a community for collaboration, backed by a dedicated support team.
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Expanding Our Reach,
Growing Our Impact

Today, we are proud to serve over 200,000 school staff members and liaisons in 38 states, offering a wide range of services, including liaison training, school staff training, data collection, a growing resource library, and a collaborative community platform. Our dedicated support team is always ready to assist you in making a meaningful impact.

Collaboration With Covenant House of America

In 2020, McKinney-Vento.org established a transformative partnership with Covenant House of America, a leading shelter for youth experiencing homelessness across the nation.

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Investing in Youth

Through our partnership with Covenant House, we have dedicated funding and resources to hire and train youth within these shelters. We provide them with salaries, full-health benefits, counseling, computer equipment, and job skills training. This investment offers these young individuals the time and support they need to achieve stable housing and discover a career path that aligns with their unique gifts and talents.

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