FAQ – About Liaison Training

Liaison Training FAQs

What is a Liaison?
A staff member in a school or district who has been given the title of “Liaison” ensures any student who is experiencing homelessness is identified, enrolled in school, and helps them receive all eligible services to facilitate student academic success.

Some of their responsibilities include (but is not limited to) awareness, guidance, determining eligibility, enrollment and school selection, access to services such as food and transportation, working with parents and guardians and working with unaccompanied youth. Should you be given this role by your district or state, you may register as a Liaison at mckinney-vento.org/register. If you have not been hired as a Liaison, you may register as a staff member on the same link, just make sure to select “I am NOT a liaison”.

More information:

The McKinney-Vento Act requires local educational agencies to identify children and youth experiencing homelessness, and connect them with educational and other needed supports. The Act also requires every school district to designate an appropriate staff person, known as the local homeless education liaison, who is able to carry out the duties of the position as described in the law.

Districts may have different titles, such as homeless advocate or success worker, for individuals who do this work; however, there is a requirement that every public school district appoint one person as the designated Homeless Liaison. Check out our Resource Library for more information on the required duties of the Homeless Liaison.
How long will it take to finish the Liaison Training?
Completion of the Liaison training depends on the liaison’s level of knowledge and experience. Veteran liaisons can usually skip to the tests, pass each one, and earn a certificate within an hour or so. New liaisons who need to watch the videos and read the resources in order to pass the tests will require longer – on average, 4-5 hours to complete.

Whether you are a District Liaison or a School Liaison, you will take the same 4-hour training. The requirement to take the training will depend on your district/county/state.

We hope this answers your question!  Should you have any questions or if you encounter any issues, please let us know at support@mckinney-vento.org.
Do you train in my state?
We can train in ALL states!

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