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These resources are designed to support liaisons

Coming Soon! Spanish resources will be available in the new year.



Hotel/Motel Meals for Families Experiencing Homelessness – Make sure you are connecting families with local food pantries, soup kitchens, and other meal/food providers in your region.
Family Engagement Resources – How can you best engage the families of your MV-eligible students? This document provides some suggestions and ideas on keeping families in the loop and participating.

Sweet Sixteen (Short Version) – A quick list of sixteen specific areas in which you can support your work with MV subgrant (McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance Act) or Title I, Part A set-aside funds.

Homeless Liaison Duties – You’ve completed your training, but now what do you do? Check out this short document to get some ideas on the next steps to hit the ground running.
Fixed, Regular, and Adequate – You can use this worksheet to help you ask questions about housing situations during your eligibility determinations. These questions will help you document the fixed, regular, and adequate status of a student’s housing (or lack thereof).
Conversations With Your Title I Administrator – MV students are Title I students, so good discussions with your Title I, Part A administrator are essential. Use this document, as well as our calculator, to help prompt good conversation and data sharing.
Early Childhood Learning Contacts – Need some to contact to help your Early Learning students? Download this resource for a compilation of key contacts by state.
What is Homelessness? – Use this resource to learn the meaning of homelessness under the McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance Act, so you can better help your students and their families.
Food Drive Posters – Are you running a food drive and need posters for your event? Here are 10 different posters to choose from, which you can edit for your needs.
Toy Drive Posters – Here are 5 different editable toy drive posters you can use for your event.

Coat Drive Poster – Here are 5 different editable coat drive posters you can use for your event.

Get the Most Out of Your Training – After you’ve completed your training, you can use this document to see some suggested next steps for your personal engagement and your program.

 Title I, Part A Set-Aside Calculator – This companion to our conversation document will help you come with relevant data to back up your conversations about reservations and funding. Remember, you can edit this document to fit your needs

Gas Card Calculator – Do you need to provide gas cards or reimbursement as a part of your transportation plan? Use this calculator to help you track attendance and appropriate reimbursement amounts.

Sweet Sixteen (Extended Version) – Here we discuss, in detail, sixteen specific areas in which you can support your work with MV subgrant (McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance Act) or Title I, Part A set-aside funds.

Student Rights Posters – Student Rights posters you can print to post in your buildings and in the community. There are two sizes!

Red Flags – Take a look at our various Red Flag resources so you know what to look for when identifying a student who is experiencing homelessness. You’ll find red flag documents customized for different roles.

Back to School Supply Drive- Here are 6 editable Back to School Supply drive posters you can use for your event. Get ready to elevate your event’s visibility with this customizable Back to School Supply Drive poster, tailored to your needs!


Community Partners Presentation – A PowerPoint presentation to help guide you through conversations with local community partners about McKinney-Vento and the role they can play in collaboration with your school district.
Community Partners Transcript – A suggested script to guide your presentation utilizing the PowerPoint above.